Rent our Performance Spaces

The performance spaces at the Playhouse are available to rent for performances, meetings, or rehearsals -- even weddings and other life events!   There is always plenty of parking, and a comfortable lobby space for your attendees.  Rentals include use of tech booth, lighting and sound systems, as well as use of dressing rooms and green room on tech and performance/event days, and a piano or keyboard if needed.   The Main Stage and Cabaret are never rented out at the same time for performance.  

Come play with us!

The Main Stage

The Main Stage is a 119-seat theater with a 22 deep x 30 wide stage area and raked seating.  It includes a resilient/sprung floor and curtaining (front and mid legs, mid and rear travelers, front and rear border).  A rear RP screen is available for projection or lighting design, but can also be removed and replaced with the rear traveler.  

The Cabaret

The Cabaret is a smaller performing space seating approximately 60-100 depending on configuration.  The Cabaret can be configured with seating only or with tables/chairs.  It includes a portable bar serving coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine, beer and snacks.  A small stage area is equipped with keyboard or piano, sound system, and set lighting. Perfect for a small concert, party, or reception.  The Cabaret is included in Main Stage rentals.

Dressing Rooms and Green Room

Main Stage Tech Booth

Back Stage Load-In

Rates and Availability

Our performance spaces can be rented by the day or week.  CLICK HERE for current pricing.  Please email us with questions or to check availability.

Equipment and Technology List

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The Small Print:

  • Hours of operation - 10am to 10pm, 7 days per week - unless special arrangements are made.

  • What's Included:

    • Performance space rentals include use of installed lighting and sound systems.  This does not include use of microphones, microphone stands, or supplemental freestanding speakers.  Use of this equipment can be arranged with an additional use fee.

    • Main Stage rentals also include use of projection system.

    • Both performance spaces include use of piano or keyboard, if needed.

    • Performance space rental includes use of dressing rooms and green room on tech and performance/event days

    • Main Stage rental includes use of back-of-house/load in area.

    • Elision Playhouse will provide concessions for all performances, with client consultation on items to be offered, including limited bar service.

    • Optional:  Elision Playhouse can provide ticketing service, including credit card processing, for 10% of event revenue.  Regardless of whether we handle ticketing, your public event will appear on our Playhouse website with a link to your ticketing site.  We are happy to make your brochures or other promotional materials available on-site.

    • Optional:  Elision Playhouse can provide on-site box office services on performance days when we are also doing your ticketing.  Box office will open one hour prior to the start of the event and close 45 minutes after the start of the event.  This service will be provided for $40 per performance, and will include full accounting of attendance/revenue.

  • Shared Use of Space:

    • There will never be performances scheduled in both performance spaces at the same time, or use of practice rooms during performances.

    • There may be rehearsals occurring in the two main rehearsals room during Main Stage use as long as they wouldn't disrupt performances.

    • Rehearsal and performance rentals include shared use of public rest rooms and lobby area.​​

    • Customers renting the full facility may be asked to provide permission for previously contracted recurring practice room use when it would not be disruptive to the customer's full facility use.

  • Contract Terms:

    • 25% non-refundable deposit is due to hold your space.

    • 75% due at one month from first rental day.  50% of this fee is refundable if space use is cancelled. 

  • Use of Technology and Equipment:

    • Renters may use their own technicians, but they must go through mandatory orientation and evaluation before being allowed to use the equipment.

    • Any damage to the equipment will be the sole responsibility of the renter if damage occurs during the rental period.  The need for repair or replacement will be determined by Playhouse staff.

    • Renter will not move, replace, disconnect or adjust any equipment without permission.

  • Main Stage Requirements:

    • Renter is free to construct any sets as necessary in the Main Stage as long as construction does not permanently alter space.

    • Set pieces may not obstruct access to exits.

    • Set pieces may not be attached or anchored to the lighting grid.

    • Renter may not nail or screw pieces into stage floor.  Stage floor may not be painted.

    • Any large-scale rigging or aerial equipment must be approved prior to installation.

  • Renters Responsibilities and Restrictions:

    • No eating in the Main Stage area without prior permission.

    • Renter must comply with all city, county, state and federal laws.

    • Renter is responsible for providing insurance during the rental period.  Renter acknowledges that the Playhouse is not liable for any injury or accident suffered while using the space.

    • Renter must remove all sets, costumes, props, property, etc from the space at the end of the rental period, and return the space to a clean and functional condition.

    • Renter is responsible for handling/removing all trash and recycling generated during the rental period.  Trash bins are available at the rear of the building.

    • Renter agrees to be held responsible for use of any copyrighted materials used during an event.

    • All children on the premises under age 12 must be under direct adult supervision at all times.

  • Prohibitions and Special Approvals:

    • Sale or service of food and beverages is not permitted without prior approval.

    • The use of pyrotechnics, open flames, candles, or other combustible materials is strictly forbidden.

    • Use of confetti and glitter are prohibited.

    • Renter may not subcontract any space.

    • Use of tobacco and drugs strictly forbidden.

    • Renter must receive prior approval for use of stage blood and fake gunshots.

    • Presence of live animals (including service dogs) must receive prior approval.

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