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Introducing Elision Playhouse's Art Reach Program

Elision Playhouse has developed a new program to assist diverse and under-represented performing artists, including organizations supporting these artists.  Elision Playhouse Art Reach is available to Playhouse renters and may include subsidized rental fees, technical support, equipment, production consulting and/or administrative support (for example, marketing, box office, ticketing) depending on the needs of the renter.


Artists or organizations may apply for support either as part of their initial rental process (so they know what they may receive before finalizing their rental agreement) or after they have committed to renting the Playhouse for their production or event.  


Diverse performing artists is a broad category and may include many groups who have been overlooked, marginalized or under-represented in performing arts and theatrical production.  The application process asks you to describe the under-represented group and how the group is being supported or promoted by the proposed work.  The brief application also asks you to describe the support most needed from Elision Playhouse Art Reach.


Recipients of support through Elision Playhouse Art Reach will be listed on this website. Recipients will be asked to recognize Elision Playhouse Art Reach for the support in their promotional materials and programs.


For more information, please contact:

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