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Rent our Rehearsal Spaces

The rehearsal spaces at the Playhouse are available for rental on a short-term or recurring basis.  They are well suited for rehearsals, auditions, practice sessions, lessons, classes, and meetings.  The rehearsal spaces can be equipped with conference tables, chairs and keyboard to meet your needs. There is always plenty of parking, and a comfortable lobby space for your attendees.

Come play with us!

The Studio

The Studio is our largest rehearsal room measuring 22 x 22 ft.  It has lots of light and is equipped with rubberized sports flooring with Marley overlay. Conference tables, chairs and keyboard can be brought in as needed.


The Rehearsal Room

The Rehearsal Room measures 14 x 22 ft. and is carpeted.  Conference tables, chairs, and keyboard can be brought in as needed.


Rates and Availability

Our rehearsal spaces can be rented by the hour, day or week.  CLICK HERE for current pricing.  Please email us with questions or to check availability.

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